Recovering from forced bi hypnosis/training?

So a few months back I found a dominatrix that did forced bi hypnosis/training. I was a married guy bored at home, so I became intrigued and went along for the ride. It was a huge turn on. Basically, there were certain exercises that were involved. First, it started with watching gay porn. During our sessions, she would help guide me to gay porn sites that we'd watch together. Later she had me jerking off to gay porn and was encouraging me every step of the way. As things progressed, she also introduced hypnosis sessions that she said would make me love cock and get turned on by it. Things moved pretty quickly as she trained me to eat my own cum and suck a dildo and use it on my ass. Finally, she introduced me to her boyfriend, and made me suck his cock until he came on my face or in my mouth. Other assignments involved finding men on Grindr and secretly fucking them. All of this gave me some of the strongest orgasms I've ever had. Now at the other end of this, I've ended up wanting cock so much that I have to fantasize about giving blowjobs or getting fucked in the ass by a hot guy just to get turned on enough to have sex with my wife. I used to LOVE pussy, but women don't turn me on anymore. Has anyone gone through this and recovered from it?
24 d
Wondering if anyone can share any thoughts or advice. Thanks!
Recovering from forced bi hypnosis/training?
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