Is there something wrong with me?

heyy everyone! i’ve been wondering if something’s wrong with me for a while now. i’m 19 and i’m a virgin; i’m not planning on losing my virginity until i find someone who’s worth it and get married; since i’m a very religious person. the thing is; i don’t know why but i’m kind of scared of any sexual interaction? i mean i’m not asexual but every time i think about it i get anxious because of several reasons. i think even though it sounds ridiculous, i’m a bit scared that it will hurt? i’m a baby when it comes to these things and my pain threshold is pretty low so maybe that’s why i’m scared... also every time i think about my first time having sex, i somehow imagine that everything will go wrong and because there’s something “wrong with me” (there is probably not, it’s probably just my anxiety) i won’t be able to have sex? for some weird reason? i don’t know, my mind and anxiety just try to make me feel as anxious as they can i guess. also, i think i’m a bit insecure about my body, so that’s also a bonus... well, did anyone else feel like that before they first had sex? is it painful? should i be worried about anything, especially “not doing it properly”? (i don’t even know what that means but i somehow feel like because i’m from a religious family and no one talks about these things, i won’t be able to do it properly... i know it’s weird) thanks already for all the replies; much love.
Is there something wrong with me?
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