Boyfriend no longer cums in me. problem?

Long story short. Boyfriend and me been together since February. Quarantined together for 9 weeks. Since day one of our relationship. We have been serious. He would cum in me no protection. We got pregnant. Talked long and hard about it for 3 weeks. Had the abortion. Something I instantly regretted. I have a 2 year old however we are both attending medical next year so we had to make a sensible decision here (doesn’t mean I don’t regret it still) I started birth control again after. He won’t cum in me anymore, I understand the logic and sensible behind it but EVERY-TIME he pulls outs I’m disappointed and dissatisfied. Like I get pissed and it’s just like a huge mood killer like ugh ok and he can see it on my face. I don't know what to do. I’ve told him it bothers me.
Boyfriend no longer cums in me. problem?
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