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How do I learn to forgive husband and feel good about myself again?

7 months ago i found out my husband for most our 11 year relationship had been sexting on sites like kik and posting stuff on reddit every so often.
He did all this while out and taken coke etc (i had no idea) never when sober which when he let me go through his phone i couldnt see anything that shows he ever did it when sober ( i know thats not the point)
We always had a great relationship, i felt very close to him and he's a great dad etc and we always had sex etc. so when i found this out i was clearly shocked, he is truly sorry i can tell, not had any coke as clearly its linked and has been constantly trying since all this and will do anything to fix this as he hates he's hurt me.
But i feel awful still, i love him and want it all to go back to normal but its not the same. the worst part is and what i think has messed me up the most is he uploaded pics of me on reddit asking guys to rate, degrade and point out unattractive things about me which is sick and i dont get as he always told me how nice i am. its like 2 different people. so i still feel gross, I've lost my sex drive and feel pretty crap in general but as i said i want to move forward.
So if anyone has been through similar or been cheated on and eventually forgave partner and learnt to feel better about themselves again, be nice to know how and what you did etc. please no nasty comments, i have no one to talk too which makes this hard as i haven't told anyone i know about this. Thankyou
How do I learn to forgive husband and feel good about myself again?
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