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Should I cut it off with my fwb?

So I am falling for my friends with benefits. He is so sweet to me. He is so loving and gentle. He is always smiling at me. He always wants a hug as soon as I see him. He refuses to let me leave his house without giving him a hug. When we are finished having sex and we’re cleaning up and getting dressed, I catch him just looking at me with a smile on his face. If I catch him he will say something like “you’re so cute it doesn’t make any sense”. He always tells me to let him know I made it home safe. When I do, he says ok hun then goodnight beautiful. He always tells me how pretty I am. I went into this expecting it to be have sex, leave that’s it. I don’t text him after we leave each other because I’m trying to keep my feelings in check. He will text and ask can’t I just text and say hi sometimes. He also recently asked if I have been giving my p*ssy away. I’m not sure how he feels but I’m terrified of talking about it with him.
Should I cut it off with my fwb?
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