14 d

After a bj, do you spit or swallow?

Apparently people say they swallow only because "I aIn'T nO qUiTtEr." Like is that supposed to mean something? #quirky I mean thats a strange flex but go off.

Anyways what do you do after a bj?

Personally I spit. It's just the flavor of that shit in my mouth, the warmth, and texture that makes me gag. 🤢 As soon as my boyfriend explodes into my mouth and that stuff hits my tounge, my stomach contracts as if I'm about to spill my guts of everything I've ever eaten. I have to hold down the barf every time and make it look like everything's fine.
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14 d
Therefore, even if I did swallow, it would be out of my body within seconds. 😂 Rather cleanup cum than my own barf.
After a bj, do you spit or swallow?
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