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Was it fair for me to do this to my dad?

My dad has always done something that makes me mad, if we argue he grabs me by my shirt and pulls me to my room and makes me stay in there like I am a little kid still, it happened the other night because I bought leggings.

This time, I had enough of him doing this and not just talking to me properly. When we got to my room doorway, at this point we were both infuriated, I grabbed onto the doorway so he couldn't pull me any further and I pushed his back towards the other side of the doorway with all of my strength and with the other hand I repeatedly punched him in his balls. He would have went down from the first strike but I had him sort of pinned on the wall for a brief moment so I took the opportunity to throw a few more and landed all of them perfectly and full force. He tried to protect himself but he dropped to the ground like a baby. It all happened within seconds so he couldn't react fast enough.

He cried, moaned and rolled around for ages in my bedroom doorway, mom heard the initial yelp and fall and came running up to the room and then she got really angry at me and asked if I ever wanted any siblings for some reason like it was a threat if they don't? Why would you even say that lol. Then he went to the bathroom and made dry reaching sounds and puking noises for some reason. Since then, he hasn't even attempted to grab me, or gotten angry or even said anything about the clothes I wear which is unusual. Although, he is very awkward around still and is treating me really politely lol.

1. was I wrong to do what I did? Or was he wrong to do what he did? Can you explain why either way?

2. why would my mom ask "do you want siblings?" In a moment like that? That one really has me stumped lol.

3. Why do you think he is treating me really nicely now? Does he feel weak or afraid now that I've shown that I am serious and I can cause him some serious pain?

4. Would he be okay "down there" now? After a few days surely he doesn't still feel it?
14 d
I put this in family & friends I swear, I actually do not know how it is in sexuality that is gross, thank you for pointing that out! I don't know how to change it though :(
Was it fair for me to do this to my dad?
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