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Is putting parental blocks on your internet going too far?

so a little background, I've grown up in bad circumstances. I'm actually the first woman in my family that has never been beat on by her spouse in the past 5 generations that we know of. I have some issues, I'm well aware. I am planning to seek out therapy once things are back to. Normal.

Anyway, one of my "issues" is that I did catch my boyfriend watching porn. He would wait for me to go to bed to jerk off becaus he said he liked watching gang bands and stuff like that... I'll never be willing to do that. Anything close to that. He's the only man I've ever even so much as KISSED. he was my first boyfriend, kiss, lover, EVERYTHING.

The first time I caught him, he said he would stop. It hurt me and basically made me wonder why I'm not good enough. And I've struggled with it for some time. This was a year ago, I caught him doing it AGAIN a few months ago after her promised he stopped. In 4 years it's. Been the closest to splitting up that we've been. So I put parental blocks on our internet. I then changed the password to our router controls and switched everything to my name so he would have no control or way to unblock these websites. I even went and looked up a list of the more popular porn sites (about 10) and black listed them so that even if somehow the parental block gets lifted, he still can't access them

Is this going too far? He knows I did it, I told him I put blocks on. He said it doesn't bother him, but is this extreme?
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I must say, I'm surprised more girls think it's over board than guys... I thought more guys may have issue with it.
Is putting parental blocks on your internet going too far?
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