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Protect our under 18s?

Hey all. I'm fairly new here. I'm enjoying the site and find a lot of the people on here share some great stories and advice. But one thing I really don't like is the 'how do I look' section.

Although it's great for men and women to be able to get good advice on their outfits etc, I find when under 18s are posting their photos looking for honesty on their looks, they're being ridiculed and/or hit on. I seen one man over 30 call a young girl age 15 sexy... and I've seen other content that doesn't sit well with me.

As I'm sure all the over 18s here are aware, being that young and commented on your looks, good or bad can have significant negative effects for them. Unwanted attention or just to be made feel plain bad about themselves.

Wouldn't it be safer for the young ones to limit photo posting and profile photos to over 18s only?
Protect our under 18s?
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