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Would You Forgive A Cheater Under These Circumstances?

I'm Bisexual. Have been curious for a really long time. And I've never had the courage to act on it until recently. Up until last week I had only ever been with a woman and I'm now approaching my late 20s. I did the unthinkable and decided to fulfill that curiosity and I downloaded Grindr. Found a guy (rather quickly I might add) and I went back to his place and gave him Oral sex. Then I left. The whole thing from walking in the door to walking out the door took less than 15 minutes. There was no emotion or connection. I literally don't even know his name. (It was honestly like I was just giving a blowjob to nobody, as if it was just a dick with no one attached to it) or at least that's how I tried justifying it to myself. I felt Horrible for it and still do. And always will. I know I shouldn't have done it. And I know my words mean nothing considering I broke our trust. But it was something I needed to figure out for myself. So I felt comfortable with my sexuality and could move on from the experience and leave it in the past, having that closure and could remove it from my mind as to not bother me, I didn't wanna wake up in 30 years having never done it, and be unsatisfied with myself as a person, and be too old to realistically get that experience. I know a lot of people may think I'm a total scumbag, but I do love my girlfriend. We had talked about potentially having a 3some but every conversation about the topic she was extremely apprehensive and uncomfortable. So I assumed I would never get that experience with her. That's the only reason I did what I did.

Fast forward a few days. She was obviously extremely hurt. I will never forget the cry she let out when I told her. She was furious and told me to leave. But as I approached the door she asked me to stop. Asked me if I'd talk to her, tell her why, what, when, how etc.

I told her what I wrote above and she calmed down. She is still apprehensive and uncomfortable with it. But we're still together.
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If it had been with a woman she would have actually kicked me out. It's not as terrible knowing what the purpose of the cheat was for, with her knowing I was bi curious. She asked me if I was satisfied with what happened, I said Yes.(and I am)

I will never do it again. I never wanted to hurt her. I just didn't want to never know. I do now and I still love her. She still says she loves me, lets me kiss her. Hug her. Talk to her. She throws in little jabs here and there because it's still fresh.
Would You Forgive A Cheater Under These Circumstances?
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