What should I do with my tuberous breast?

Hey everyone. I'm a 23 years old girl who's just discovered her breasts are rather tuberous, not small just a few hours ago after doing a vast research! Literally, it broke my heart when I got to know that my breasts are deformed and there's no way of getting rid of that without surgery. Since my teenage till this morning, I'd been thinking I have small breasts. That's why tried massaging and doing some exercises regularly in this lockdown. From my early teenage even till now I've been going through extreme insecurity about my breasts. I was always optimistic thinking that it can be fixed by myself following specific exercises, having healthy diet and regular massaging. After doing all of those, my cup size just increased in this lockdown. But no change appeared in regard of the shape. I got extremely bullied by my ex for having this kinda downward shape of my boobs. He just threw me in the hell of insecurity. The person I currently love, he appreciates my boobs a lot and tried to boost up my confidence. He says he's completely okay with my breasts and finds them attractive as well because he loves me. But you know what? None of those could help me to pull me up from deep downtown of insecurity. I know he's also a boobs freak. Gosh! Who's not? He also loves to see well shaped bigger boobs in instagram, porns or even when it gets noticed in random women. He loves me a lot. That's why appreciates my boobs. But indirectly he's also obsessed with those nicer boobs like other guys, na? It's really pretty hard to believe I'm going through deformity for ages and can't choose the option of going under knives. I cried like insane throughout the day while I got to know about this. What should I do now? It's killing me inside.
What should I do with my tuberous breast?
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