Urgent! Getting spammed by dodgy deep web... please help?

Hi everyone, I really hope one of you can help answer my question! Thank you so much for taking the time.

Somehow a dodgy company has gotten hold of my phone number (or just selected it at random) and I am receiving several whatsapp phone calls and video calls a day from numbers I don't recognise. I am also getting hundreds of messages every day and added into random groups, usually named like this 'real deep web p0rn' etc. Often they send me videos of a young man or woman do not know stripping off completely naked. Homemade p0rn and sometimes older men masturbating.

I'm extremely confused because I am very cautious with giving out personal details, and I'm starting to find this pestering online extremely scary. I'm getting offers to organise my own sexual kidnapping and I was told to send a picture with words written on my thigh to receive videos.

Initially I was texting these people back and telling them they had the wrong person until I realised this must be some sort of organisation.

Does anyone have any prior knowledge of an experience such as this and how should I handle it? This is really no joking matter, and I really want to cut off all contact, but the number of times they contact me daily for multiple different numbers is quite alarming and increasing. I really felt I could only turn to G@G. Thanks so much for reading, please give me advice.
Urgent! Getting spammed by dodgy deep web... please help?
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