Are these dating red flags?

I’ve been getting to know this guy through online dating and having a few chats with him. During one of our chats, I asked him what he has put on his “bucket list” of things to do before he reaches a certain age, and he told me one of those things was to visit a nudist beach. He also keeps talking to me about movies and tv shows which have sex in them, and telling me ‘not to watch certain scenes’ which are sexual in front of my parents

i felt weirded out by this because I had a previous boyfriend who had a sex addiction and sexually harassed me and it really traumatised me. When I heard this new guy say this, my heart sank and I felt sick because I was worried I’d be speaking to someone new who was obsessed with sex.

Is this a red flag? Should I be worried about what he said, or am I overthinking it? Should I stop communicating with this guy?
Are these dating red flags?
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