Sleeping with your ex?

Have you done it? why? did you have feeling or was it just sex?

I broke up with my boyfriend few months ago because I felt more connected to other men than to him, I guess mostly because he is not very good at communication and I tbh I don't find him super attractive (but I never cheated with them!). But I love sleeping with him, and I really want him in my life as a friend (possibly with benefits 😏). We've been together for 3 years & just started sleeping together and it feels great. But I also admit it kinda confuses me. I want to keep doing it but I don't want to ruin our friendship, if we can have one.

The problem is he never really tells me how he feels or what he thinks, he usually just gets like defensive and agrees with whatever I say if I try to confront him with his feelings. And I've also told him I'm open to get back together if things change and we get better communication and chemistry, but that I see us as singles even though we're sleeping together. And he agrees we're singles plus says he doesn't think he wants to get back together. He's the one that initiated the sex. he also randomly said he wanted to bang someone he saw on TV...

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I guess I'm coming here because I'm not sure what to expect and I can't read him at all. We hang out like friends, we're not touchy or anything except when having sex. I know I have other options, and I've been asked out by other guys quite a a lot already. But for now I only want to have sex with him, but maybe still date the other guys and see how I feel.

Is sex a bad idea? Anyone else had a similar situation? When he says I can date others does he mean it or will he get upset?

I know none of you will be able to tell me what's going on in his head but I'd appreciate your thoughts anyway.

If I wasn't open for whatever happens (i think i could catch feelings for him if things change but i don't have them now) i wouldn't keep sleeping with him but for now i really want to.
Sleeping with your ex?
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