Boyfriend asking for gas money to take me to see HIS parents?

Okay so I was dating a guy and about 3 dates in he wants to take me to meet his parents. (We meet up at a halfway point about a 30 min drive for me and a 20 min drive for him. First date I paid for the meal. Second date we saw a movie, he paid for that and I paid for his food again. Third we just went to the mall and walked around etc no money spent.) So we are on the way to his parents place, we still met halfway. He stops to get a drink, and I offer to pay for it, but he says that gas money would be better. Hearing this I dont really respond kind of irritated seeing as he is the one with a full time job, living with his parents and having no expenses besides car insurance and car payments. Whereas I have no job and am currently using my savings. He is oblivious to my irritation of course. I meet his parents and he makes sure he stops at a gas station before he drops me off so I can pay for his gas. I seriously considered not seeing him again after this, but foolish me did anyway. So this continues, I purchase him things throughout. custom tshirts, necklaces, Blankets, pillows etc, About 300 plus dollars. And homemade food for him to take home. He purchased me about 30 worth of plush animals. So Christmas comes and I get him a dashcam, custom whiskey bottles, 120 dollar cologne and a few other assorted things. and on Christmas day I open his present to find an item that was on sale for 40 dollars ( I know this because I just purchased it for my neice). So the final time we met was when he more or less guilted me into meeting him before Christmas. I was sick with a bad cold plus bronchitis but I said whatever we'd exchange gifts and I could sleep through the weekend. I figured we would sit around and just hang out. Well I was wrong... he casually mentions that I haven't given him a blowjob for the last few dates. Was I wrong to be angry or to feel used? Or is this just how men are? Supposedly he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.
Boyfriend asking for gas money to take me to see HIS parents?
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