Does he wants me to be his girlfriend? Does he loves me?

We are seeing more then 2 years.
During that time he said that he loves me but I didn't said anything to that.
He called me to go for a drink but I never wanted. He asked me for a serious relationship but I didn't said anything. That was one year ago.
A two months ago he asked me during sex do I love him, I said yes I think and he asked me again and I didn't sais anything and he asked me again and again and I said yes. Later I sais that I am not sure if I love him, he didn't said anything.
Last night we were together, he was very happy to see me, he called me "my love".
And two times again he called me love, my love.
During conversation he asked me "Do you love my dick?" I said yes and he smiled. I asked him "Why are you smiling?" and he said "You all love my dick, you're nice with me, but you go home right away and I'm left alone.
I asked him, "What would you like?" and he replied "I want a girlfriend, to be in a relationship with her, just to sleep with her, to love me. Isn't that nice?", I said yes, it is. And he said "But I can't fall in love."
10 mo
He said "I can't fall in love". But I think he said in the sense that there were other girls but he didn't fall in love with any of them yet. Or maybe he thought he was already in love so he couldn’t fall in love?
10 mo
He asked me to be his girlfriend
Does he wants me to be his girlfriend? Does he loves me?
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