He made me play doctors (sexual game) when we were only 6?

Hey guys, He is my neighbour, classmate and my only friend at that time. I always used to hang out with him. Once he came up with the idea of playing doctors when we were only 6 years old. That age I was not aware of anything about sex and even about male and female private parts. But as he was insisting I played with him.
The game we played was not even indirect he always asked me to remove my panties and show my vajajay to him he touches it and inspects them. He always put his fingers in my butt saying that's an inspection. And a lot more things and crazy stuff.
But now thinking of that I realize that the things he did to me were kinda BDSM things or in general kinky stuff And It's way too early for someone to know things like that.
What do u think of this situation? I think I was way too innocent for his dirty games what you think about it?
Do you think he is way too exploited?
He made me play doctors (sexual game) when we were only 6?
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