Guys, is this body type attractive?

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I’m pear-shaped so I have wider hips and a narrower upper body (to give you a clearer picture I’m 5’7” with 37” hips, a 25” waist, and a 32C bust, which is actually a small size despite the misleading C cup). Usually I hear guys say they prefer an hourglass shape that’s curvy throughout the body or a rectangular shape that’s mostly straight throughout the body, but rarely do I hear that they prefer a shape that’s curvy on the bottom and straight on top or vice versa. I don’t like my hip/butt area because I feel like it doesn’t fit my body and while everything else is lean, that region is too thick. It looks out of place and makes finding dresses and bottoms so annoying because almost anything that fits my waist is too tight on my butt.
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Guys, is this body type attractive?
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