Is it possible to just turn gay out of nowhere?

First off if anything I think im bisexual and Im not trolling I swear to god. For instance I've been emotionally, romantically, and sexually attracted this this one girl for months but over the past year I've been having homosexual fantasies usually there is a girl involved too but I did something over text with a guy just a guy and I enjoyed it. I dont think I could ever date a guy or marry one though. I honestly think im addicted to porn and its starting to mess with my head a little bit because when I first started watching it I was only like vanilla stuff and now its more hardcore stuff. I've developed an attraction to dick and thats like the only part of a guy that I like its odd. Anways though I felt like crap over it ever since the texting thing and now I've got myself worrying that I won't feel attracted to women anymore and that really bugs me because to be honest all I ever wanted was to marry a girl I love and have some kids and I feel like I ruined it. I also overthink a lot and have been diagnosed with a anxiety disorder so hopefully im just overthinking about not being attracted anymore.
Is it possible to just turn gay out of nowhere?
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