Why don't women put they are single parents?

Sorry (but not sorry) but why don't they list this (dealbreaker) life choice in their dating profile?

Surely they are proud of their children so they wouldn't they put that? Doesn't that also show you cannot trust them if they are not truthful?

The reason for me it is a "DealBreaker" is because i don't want to deal with someone's ex & their children when i am dating someone... Surely that is a good enough excuse?

So why can't they "Grow Some Tits" and just admit they are single mums? That way i have not wasted my time or theirs... Simples.

I would like to point out... I should be allowed to date WHOEVER i like or want to. So stop putting me down for that choice.. Women don't want to date men who are fat or short..

I don't want to date women who have Children and/or are fat. That is my respectful choice as not just as a man but as a human being.
Why don't women put they are single parents?
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