I don't know if I like him touching me?

So I've had this guy friend for almost 2 years. The first year I liked him, he did not like me back and rejected me. He said that he used to like me but later on he admitted he was just trying to make me feel better. Anyways I've been sleeping over his house a lot lately because we are friends and I have a lot of free time. But in the night he touches me. He cuddles me, caresses my thigh, kisses me, puts his hands in my pants and grabs my butt, and unstraps my bra. I admit I let him do it and do the same to him when he does it to me. But I've been thinking if I'm okay with it and I don't know. I've been sexually touched by 4 other guys before without consent. In fact I told those guys to stop but they did not. Even though I've given my friend consent I don't know if I like it. Either way it is only a friends with benefits relationship. Can you tell me how I'm supposed to figure out if I'm actually okay with it?
I don't know if I like him touching me?
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