Difficulty with abstinence?

I try my hardest to abstain from casual sex and masturbation. I am able to go months if need be (longest was 16 months!). However recently I had my first casual hook up ever! Drinks were involved and the girl was all over me.
Its been almost 2 weeks since that happened and my sex drive has been turned up to 11!
Its like she jump started something terrible in me :/

I really want to have casual sex again but know its wrong. I find myself fantasizing about it, whenever I lay in bed before my shift starts and during my commute. I keep telling myself its not OK, and I am not ready to have sex or a girlfriend again. I have been trying to focus on work and my hobbies. But nothing seems to be working.

Does anyone have tips on abstaining when your sex drive has been increased 10 fold and you were trying to abstain?
Thank you all for your time :)
Difficulty with abstinence?
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