Should I be mad at my boyfriend for this?

Basically what happened is that my friends with benefits/Boyfriend (not really sure what to call us) were having sex last night and then again this morning. Today we didn't have another condom but we have both been tested and together a while so decided to go without for the first time together. It was going good and I was about to cum so I tell him and he said he was also. Now I then told him to not stop since I was so close and normally when he says he's about to he has another minute in him. But I forgot that no condom would reduce that so he cums and then I cum from it.

In the moment I got really mad at him for doing it and said that he never asked if he could or if I was even on BC and I made him leave. Now I am on birth control and am actually a fan of being cummed in but my biggest problems were just the surprise of it since he didn't ask and that I had to be at work in 20 min and would have to work with cum leaking out all day.

I know we are both to blame but It's still hard for me not to be mad at him for this.
Should I be mad at my boyfriend for this?
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