Corn snake advice?

Hey all. So I've got a corn snake (new to snakes) he's approximately 33 inches now and he's roughly 10 months old. He's now on adult mice and he's a hungry one. He feeds every 5-7 days depending on how hungry he is... Anyway, he has never missed a meal since I've had him and he will mostly get quite hungry after the 5 day mark. Just curious, if he's on adult mice now, what do I feed him when he's fully grown at two years old? I know there are rats available but I can't imagine he could manage the girth of a rat but I also don't think an adult mouse is going to satisfy his appetite...
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Sorry guys, this question was supposed to be in the "other" section! Ffs. I know for a fact I clicked on it.
Corn snake advice?
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