I am afraid girls?

sorry but seems i choose to be a girl by mistake. I am a guy.
anyways... when I asked my girlfriend today why you love me she answered this literally" when I saw you first time I saw kindness in your face"
my question is : if my my girffriend loves me because i look a kind person and my face looks like some face who would emotionally treat her emotions or frrl her safe or makes her feel I woykd treat her like her father.. you get what I mean? like daddy or whatever... if so would she be sexually attracted to me too? now I know my face make her emotioms satisfied and feel safe and makes her say " oh my biyfriend face I love the kindness in it how much is cute and kind" but to be honest I am afraid she is not sexually attracted to me ot feeling good and excited to have sex with me ! what do you think?
I am afraid girls?
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