I'm a non-stereotypical cuck, can anyone relate?

I'm into cuckolding, meaning I enjoy watching my girlfriend sleep with other men. I enjoy a humiliation aspect to this as well. I have been in 3 different relationships like this at different times. I feel the need to keep my fetish as secret as much as possible due to some of the negative stereotypes associated with it.

For example, many people assume that I have a small cock if they hear I'm a cuck or just hear that my girlfriend is sleeping with other men. It's just around 7 inches and a little thinner than desired by many girls but still enough to get the job done. I also enjoy being dominant in bed sometimes. I can easily bring my girlfriend to orgasm, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy something larger or rougher sometimes. The negative stereotypes make it harder to find people to join us in the bedroom since we are less comfortable with anyone we know.

I don't always want to watch as opposed to hearing about it either and I enjoy sleeping with other woman also, especially in threesomes. Cuck porn often overlaps with a foot fetish and I definitely am not into that, however I have been asked by girls and friends who I've discussed the cuck thing with.

I enjoy being humiliated, but have been told by some girls I'm not small enough for them to know how to do that. I have used a larger sized flexible cage with a girl, but it's not like that even stayed on for a very long because I'm not looking to be hurt dominatrix level or anything like that.

Any advice on how to work past some of these stereotypes with potential partners and to just become more comfortable with the kink in general?
I'm a non-stereotypical cuck, can anyone relate?
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