😒 Is there something wrong with me? 🤔🤨🙄?

I'm really in my feelings today, even when I am trying not to be. But, I was doing some real deep thinking about my life and the relationships, that I have had with people over the years. Especially, with some of these dumb ass guys. (SMFH) I realized that I have had more sexually relationships, then an actually fucking relationship. Sure, don't get me wrong, I have had certain guys that wanted to actually commit to me. Either I wasn't ready or they just wasn't my type, or lived to far. But it seems like the older I get, I keep getting fuck boys. They like me enough to keep me around just to keep fucking and getting there dick wet. And I am so fucking fed up with this bs. Because the same that I like or take some she was interest in. Well go out here and commit to some other bitch. And if it sex that they are getting from me. They come off being such assholes and jerks and basically just disrespecting me. They owe me nothing nor do I. But, I feel if I am giving them sex, shouldn't they have more respect for me and shit. I usually always end up taking it the worse or start to fall for these guys. And I'm not asking them to date me. But why the disrespect?
8 mo
And FYI. I don't dick hop around. If I'm sexting that person, it's only that person. But, I really don't be opening up my legs like that. To be on some real shit. Like, I'm a sweet girl with a good heart. But don't know why some of these guys, wanna be so fucking mean to me or come off being an ass. Smh
😒 Is there something wrong with me? 🤔🤨🙄?
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