Guys, Very good guy friend and I made out? what should I do? does he like me?

i’ll keep this short. he was my coworker. he had a bad break up and we ended up having sex.

that was a year ago.

in feb 2020 he met someone on tinder and talked to her for a while until julish.

during that time however we became extra good friends. we would go out to eat etc etc.

and just hang out and stuff. nothing sexual just funny dirty sexual jokes.

June/July he started asking me about the guys I've liked. he remembers all of them... every single one. he asks me again and again “are u talking to anyone? no bumble no tinder?” “what about so and so?” and he even asked me 2 days ago the same questions “do you and this person still talk?” “are u on tinder/bumble?”

so he got drunk and he called me at 12 am to come to his apartment for a get together. it was very last min too.

they even bought me a food box it was nice.

there he asked me the same questions about guys and if i was talking to anyone and what happend with so and so and he mentioned that he broke it off with that girl... he told me that twice.

everyone ended up leaving and we ended up talking about giving up on love and stuff for two hours lol. and going with the flow. he did mention that he was gonna date only indian girls and i am not indian so im confused on that... he does however say that me and his friends are very similar everyone else is weird.


he asked if i was sleepy and then we ended up in a room with the same bed. i kept joking and poking his legs... and he just kissed me..

then he said “wait will it be awkward?” and im like nope. then he's like “wait are you sure?” and he didn't hVe a condom so he just “satisfied me” and we just kissed me all over. i didn't touch him a single bit.

we kinda wanted to do it raw but then i said “no babies!” and he's like “OOOHH WOW!”
8 mo
i also said “im drunk” and he's like “OH WOW!”

we ended up making out for hours. then we woke up and went for coffee and talked for 20 min.

he wanted to come kayaking with me and i wanna go to michigan with him.

sad thing is he might find a job not in my city. idc about long distance but he broke up w his ex bc long distance... so yeah
8 mo
other things.. in our friendship he calls m clumsy and dumb dumb etc etc. we joke around and laugh at each other a lot. for example i kept saying i was disappointed that he didn't have a condom. i kept touching his dick and i was like “meh unsatisfied” then we kissed more aahaha.
Guys, Very good guy friend and I made out? what should I do? does he like me?
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