Should I leave the idea?

Of giving him my number?

I like a costumer since the day one. In the beggining he always showed distant but polite. With the past of time he opened up and during the quarantine he opened more. The thing is I always thought he was gay. 2 weeks ago after not seeing him for more than one month he was very "excited to see me?(Repeating my name, talking about his life).

The following days or he came with male friends or alone.

Few days ago another costumer asked my number , I gave him... just in that moment he passes by (the exchanging was on the street).

Today I spoke with him in the shop but I didn't have the ovaries to give him his number. He doesn't give clear signs.

I need to add I will leave the city soon and if I decide to give him his number I don't know if I will be able to have sex (I am virgin and psychological shit... I know I need therapy).

Should I forget him and move on or I should show some ovaries?
Should I leave the idea?
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