Can cheating affect your sexual performance?

For the past few weeks either my boyfriend hasn’t initiated sex at all or he just will ask me to give him oral about two times a day and even after I do it he wouldn’t initiate sex. That was when things started getting weird on top of when we did attempt sex he either didn’t stay hard Or he didn’t get hard at all and would attempt penetration but would eventually get frustrated and say “I don’t know what’s wrong. I must be tired and I’m hot.” Now the other day he had walked out of his room while I was on his phone trying to help him find something in his email when he received a text and I couldn’t help but to read it and it was from a woman he has claimed to be his ex, but he has still been messing around with her since we been together. I even found out through text that one night when he had said he was out with his guys he was actually meeting up with her at her house for sex and It dawned on me why he has been having sexual issues and the entire time I thought it was me.
Can cheating affect your sexual performance?
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