My close guy friend kissed me? Does he like me or did he use me?

so i have this close guy friend. we hooked up last year but he wasn't over his ex and i didn't really know him.

a whole year later we became very close friends so close i can be clumsy and stupid with him and i love it. he calls me dumb dumb.

anyway. we would go out to eat and just talk and i kinda felt something. at that time he was talking to someone but he didn't seem too into it. he did however keep asking me about other guys I've liked in the past. he remembers them all.

anyway... he invited me over to his place when he was really drunk. there were other people there. they even bought me food. he wasn't that drunk when i arrived and we talked. he asked if i was on tinder and bumble in which i replied no. he asked about the past guys and i said i wasn't talking to them.
he even asked about the guy that broke my heart and if we were talking. i said nope.
later everyone left and it was just me and him. we talked for 2 more hours.

he started grabbing my foot and then i feel like he wanted to touching my leg but then he's like “wait yes or no?” and i didn't reply so he removed his hand. i wasn't really paying attention lol.

we talked more... until he asked if i was tired. we went to another room and we slept side by side.

i kept poking his leg screaming “peeep”... a couple of times until he kissed me.

he asked “will it be awkward?” i said no and we countined.

i removed my blouse and he said “are you sure?” and he did more stuff but no sex.

there wasn't a condom.

he kept pleasing and kissing me however. i didn't touch him at all. maybe just twice but i just held it (lol) for like 2 seconds.. everything else was kisses and forplay from him. i was just enjoying.

we woke up and went for coffee and talked for 20 min. he said he wanted to go kayaking with me ( he couldnt make it bc he's busy actually)

so yea...
My close guy friend kissed me? Does he like me or did he use me?
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