Casual sexting?

Met a guy on tinder, hit it off right away, when we met.

We are in contact mostly sexting as we live in different countries. We mostly chat at night.

However, the last time he suggested we video called and chatted for 4 hours straight. Our conversations mostly include sex talk. For me this arrangement works fine as we are just having fun during covid-19.

I haven't texted him back yet cause I don't want to ruin it with start texting a lot more than what we used to (once per week or 2 3times per week maximum). I always tell him it is a pleasure cause he really put an effort the last time to make me feel good but I think he believes its just words and I don't mean it since im not the kind of person to text or check on someone I casually date but perhaps I could have said, last night it was fun we could do it again sometime but that wouldn't be me.

We mostly sextext and compliment each other when we feel like it, although lately he has been getting more excited and says things like "what I like in you", "what I love about you" , "you are great, I know" "what I like about us" "I like you for being classy but still fuck the way you do" "its great we like same things" but all in the middle of late night conversations. I am more cautious and don't share my excitement cause I am more reserved that doesn't mean I don't like him.

Plus since he sometimes replies back after days don't want to invest more in texting. Just want to make sure he knows that I really like him and believe that we have chemistry and attraction and he is not just sex toy let's say.

We don't have to text often as the quality of. our conversations is far better than quantity.

We are video calling twice per week and I love that I can be myself, try out stuff without actually committing, not worrying how I look or what I say cause we are just living the moment not thinking anx prospects. How can I make it clear that its just for fun?
Casual sexting?
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