What’s your most recent embarrassing moment?

Last night I was chilling with friends at my house (I’m really only close with one of them, the others are friends of his)
and right after they left I was laying down and I had my hand in my pants because I was scratching myself. one of the girls walked in my room because she forgot something, I assumed they already left so she scared the shit out of me and I jumped and quickly took my hands out my pants and I’m pretty sure she thought I was jerking off. IT WAS SO AWKWARD AND EMBARRASSING.
it could of been worse, I could of been ACTUALLY touching myself but it’s just the fact that she definitely assumed that’s what I was doing 😭

I hate myself. in my defense tho , this is why you should knock before you walk into someone’s room. Especially when I thought you already left my house lol
What’s your most recent embarrassing moment?
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