My job is scaring lot of potential partners?

I'm a sex therapist, for those of you who don't know I help individual/couple (or even groups but that didn't really occurred to me yet :D) to live their sexuality better. In my country sex is not a total taboo, but my professional figure Is still not really well known. Gynecologist is well recognised as a medical figure, but my job is more like "oh he choose that cause he's a pervert". When I say what I do a lot of girls get scared as if I'm a pervert or say they would get jealous about the fact I could talk with some woman about sex, some get interested in that but usually they don't find me to be relationship material, they just think of me as someone who could be good in bed (just because my job is sex related) or someone to ask advices to. I truly like to speak about sex and like to live my sexuality in the best way for me, otherwise that wouldn't be my job probably, but I'm also really serious and monogamous when I'm in a relationship. The problem is that I've been doing this job for two years and it seems like people find it strange , as if I told em I'm a pornstar, so I feel like I don't attract lot of people I could be in a good and long term relationship. What do you think? Would you find it hard to be with a person who's talking all day long with people about their sex problems?
My job is scaring lot of potential partners?
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