Why don't girls like nice guys?

I'm a very nice guy and I know that because my therapist said I have potential. I keep getting these ugly chicks trying to match with me on Tinder, but not even a girl who looks like a dumpster fire would sleep with me, even though I held a door open for her and listened to her bitch about her cancer diagnosis. I asked her why she wouldn't open her legs and whore herself out for me like she does for all the giga chads out there, and it was the same old story. Apparently I'm not a "good person". Probably because of the way my hideous face looks and not because of anything else completely within my control. I know how shallow most of you women really are. Every time I want a hole to fuck, I need to pay up. Which just goes to show that when it really comes down to it, all you women want is my money. Eventually the suppressed science of the hormone Vaginarone will be unearthed and the world will know just how corrupt women are because of that hole between their legs.

All I want is a good woman who isn't shallow and won't fall for Chad every time and leave me horny and heartbroken. Also, women over 20 please stop messaging me. I've gotten 3 messages from girls over 20 and I'm pretty sure they were just thirsty and desperate after Chad left them, forgetting that a woman's sexual market value slowly degrades after age 14.
Why don't girls like nice guys?
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