Do you ever want to be another gender?

I don't mean that you want to get surgery or feel "out of place" in your own gender now, but if there was ever such thing as reincarnation or another life after death, would you want to be another gender? Like, I wouldn't want to change genders in this life bc I know it wouldn't be right, like not everything is just how I'd want it to be, too many risks, not guaranteed to look how I want etc, but even though I'm a straight female, I can see myself marrying a woman if I were an actual man. I don't know, I''ve been thinking about this a lot lately and really hoping there's another life after death ( even though I'd probably not remember this one lol) so I could experience being another gender. Please no hate here, ok? Be respectful and if this thought "offends" you, move the fuck along.
Do you ever want to be another gender?
Yes, I want to expeirence being another gender
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Do you ever want to be another gender?
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