Shaving Downstairs. Am I a hypocrite?

So, this has been playing on my mind a little. When I'm with a guy I tend to expect him to always make sure he is totally clean shaven downstairs. I don't know why but I've always found the look much sexier (being shaved makes a penis look bigger), and enjoyed the feel of it. It also makes BJs way more fun! I like to think I'm a pretty relaxed girlfriend but this has always been one rule I've been kind of firm on: shave your junk or no sex with me.

However, here's were the hypocrisy comes in. I'm not nearly as strict about shaving my own downstairs area. In fact with my last boyfriend there was a 6 month period where I didn't shave my pussy at all while he kept himself totally shaved down there.

Is this weird? I think part of it is that I like the gendered role reversal. In society it is normally girls that are expected to stay immaculately hairless and in my relationships this is often switched around. Am I a hypocrite? Guys, would you shave for a girl even if she didn't herself?

Thanks a lot for reading!
Shaving Downstairs. Am I a hypocrite?
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