Do Men Last As Long In Bed As They Claim?

According to scientists the average man lasts 5.4 minutes in bed. This is based in a study of 500 couples worldwide
The researchers found that being circumcised or not made no difference and the figures were constant around the world except in Turkey whose men were ideal for timing soft boiled eggs.

Apparently 5.4 mins is the optimum time to scoop out her last lovers sperm and replace it with your own

These timing are for mean intravaginal ejaculation latency time and don't include foreplay and ranges from 30 seconds to 44 minutes, timings I've beaten more than once.

Based on discrete timings I've found found on average;
Regular fuckbuddies last the longest and in bed, roughly 15-20mins.
One night stands in bed last around 10 mins
One night stands in public places last under 5 mins.
Spooning gives the longest times, doggy the shortest.
Penis size and times are not linked.
The smell of mother cooking bacon downstairs knocks minutes off.

So how long do guys really last (not included foreplay) and what factors affect the times?
Do Men Last As Long In Bed As They Claim?
Do Men Last As Long In Bed As They Claim?
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