Legs and body language?

My question is for our female friends. There is this attractive woman I’ve been around for almost a year. She dates a friend of a friend. But we almost always end up hanging out as a group. She sexy! Not the exibitionist type. Soft spoken and very nice. But shen we hang out she wears these short gym short style shorts. She has awesome legs an a juicy butt. But she always sits one or both legs up. No underwear. But always towards me where I can easily tell #1) no underwear and #2) foods of skin on the outer edges of her “sweet spot”. Never gives full shot. Always, always has her legs open and pointed in my direction. I’ve tested this theory. If I move she will reposition herself. Never to anyone else but me. This goes on where ever we are together. But she never lets on. No comments, eye contact nothing. What the he’ll is this? Is she just comfortable? Teasing me or more? I mean with her legs either both or one open (not spread eagle) but one or both legs up. Enough for thst booty to hang out and me to see her crouch peeking out from behind a small veil of thin cloth. Suggestions, advise! Is this a thing or what girls. Help me out cause she’s hot. Would live a relationship with her if possible but she’s taken. Help a brother out please.
Legs and body language?
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