Does anyone else find selfies stupid?

Im not bashing people who take selfies it's just i don't get how others can do it without feeling awkward and stupid and look good.

I see so many girls online who can pose all sexy and look glam whilst pouting yet when i do it, i feel like a complete twat and can't take myself seriously at all without pissing myself from laughing so much because i just can't do sexy no matter how hard I try.

Id feel like such narcissists too if i just posted a picture up of myself with the "look at me im so sexy, glamorise" face on. Id be cringing and want to delete it instantly.

Also same goes with tiktok, i don't get how these people can take themselves seriously when they try and do that head tilt, wink and lick there teeth. Like if that was me, id be thinking wtf is the point of this and feel stupid.

I much prefer pictures of me just being genuine and not doing a forced pose. I like pictures were someone's actually doing something or is with friends enjoying themselves and smiling not some picture were people are trying to hard to be sexy.

I feel like all my friends would rip the piss out of me, if i started posting selfies like that. by the way group selfis are not included in this.
Does anyone else find selfies stupid?
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