Guys please can you share uur opinion?

I had this student with anger issues. He usually is well behaved and gets good grades. One day he wasn't in a good mood and he had an argument with a girl ( he bumped into her and she insulted his mother) The argument started and passed vulgar comments on her in return to her comments and he almost smashed her face , he chased after her but he controlled himself.

I intervened and tried to calm him bit he lashed out at me and yelled at me as well. In a fit of rage I told everyone to boycott him and I started behaving distant with him.

It took some time and i felt maybe i wronged him. Ine of my colleagues used to taunt him continously but I tried to stop the taunts but to no avail. I felt really bad for what I did to the boy and such a top student ended up failing the semester which saddened me even more

In the next semester I gave him the best treatment and gave him the most care. One day I got to know that this guy calls me a PROSTITUTE. I feel so sad that I treated him so well, I cared for him, I respected him. Why did he do such a thing?
Guys please can you share uur opinion?
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