Is it my fault that my “girlfriend” cheated on me?

My “girlfriend“ cheated on me; I put it in quotation because we’ve never had sex. I have been dating her for about a year. I’m very slow at initiating physical contact. I know some guys say that you should have sex as soon as possible before you end up in the friend zone. I’m pretty shy and in my relationships, I have always done dinner dates, hiking, wine tasting for a couple months and then proceed to sex. So, the first couple months, I didn’t push the sex thing; of course, if she wanted sex then I would definitely proceed for sex. I just wanted to make her feel comfortable with me. I was planning on pushing for sex soon but then Covid happened. During the lockdown, I found out that she had been having sex with her ex for awhile. I felt so impotent because I couldn’t even confront her about it. We talked recently and I told her that I knew she had been sleeping with her ex and she confessed that it was true. She said she did it because she wanted sex and that she felt that I didn’t want sex because I wasn’t saying anything about it. At this point, I’m not really mad about the cheating, I’m just whatever and I even told her that she should just go back with guy, they have a daughter together. She says that she wants to be with me and that she only did it because she wanted sex and it seemed like I didn’t.
Is it my fault that my “girlfriend” cheated on me?
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