Why is my neighbour so bothered by me?

Its our side of the fence and we got a low one as that's what they wanted, to keep the sunlight in their garden

Anyways I sunbath in my bikini on the sun lounger when its good weather, I'm not showing my private parts, and the female neighbour comes out and says "oh my god, seriously' to her husband (they are in their 70's)

Then I came out today in my long trousers and top, adjusted the chair to sit down ( they couldn't see me)

And then the husbqnd said ' someone is there i can hear them' then the wife said "oh gosh"

Seriously what is their problem

I feel like saying something. Should I say something like "if I bother you so much, we actually want to get a higher fence for our side of the garden'
Why is my neighbour so bothered by me?
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