Do you find that being beautiful hampered ones life?

I feel that being beautiful hampered my life.
I have dealt with envy from my mom. (She is a narcissist and both my parents are but that may be beside the point.)

Girls do not try to befriend me much if at all. Guys do try to act friendly and call me their friend. I know they want sex. Usually it comes out sooner or later. But guys tend to be very pushy with me as if I am an object for their desires. (And thats not even talking about during sex because I dont have sex.)

Being a second class citizen in this fallen world as a woman is hard enough.

Add on top of it being naturally very attractive and beautiful and it seems all the guys look at you and would rape you given the chance. you're an object to them and they can't keep their minds off you when you are in their vicinity and have no shame about it.

Anyway, it seems like girls hate me with a couple of rare exceptions often only making it to the acquaintance stage. I do not have people to lean on.

When I was in a homeless shelter, the lady in charge was sabotaging my life safety. I can wonder if it was due to envy. Its like everywhere you turn for human help, its either a woman whos envious and hates me or its a man that wants to force his way with me
Do you find that being beautiful hampered ones life?
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