Texting / messaging escorts for last 5 months , should I believe he hasn’t gone through with it?

As above says I’ve found messages on my partners phone texting escorts when he’s on a combo of drink and drugs , all same standard questions , are you available? Do you do outcall? Asking how much etc. We’ve been together 11 years and have 3 children , I know I make him sound like a loser with the drugs and everything but truth is he’s an amazing dad and a great person But unfortunately has quite an addictive personality , (gambling etc) he’s taken up therapy and desperate to get me back says he swears it’ll never happen again that he loves me so much that he can’t explain why he was doing it but that it kind of got into just a routine everytime he’d had cocaine , says in his head he was never going to go through with it but it gave him a buzz/excitement texting/calling them. The phone calls are all 1 minute or less he’s admitted to arranging appointments over phone but never ever going through with it? I know for sure by looking at some dates on some occasions he 100% hasn’t as can peice together exactly where he was however I can’t account for every time and be certain. He says it was selfish and just didn’t think of the hurt he would cause and impact it could have , he never thought he could lose me and at the time didn’t think it was that bad but now sees after thinking how bad it is... I can be honest and say I have sometimes been guilty of not always wanting sex and being as passionate as him / showing him much attention in that way but I’ve always been a great girlfriend to him in other aspects. What the fuck do you all think? Am I crazy to think he hasn’t actually gone through with this? Do people out there ever do this for abit of excitement but not go through with it? He says sometimes he’d be horny and watch porn after but other times it literally did just become a routine during his coke binge and has no idea why , it’s so hard to understand , guys help me out here? Does he deserve another chance?
Texting / messaging escorts for last 5 months , should I believe he hasn’t gone through with it?
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