What should no man ever do to a woman?

Please dont report this Q, it's a legitimate question. WARNING explicit content and subjects of violent and abusive topics toward women are expected to be discussed. Please do not read or reply if you are sensitive to the subject of abuse.

I watched the documentary called, "Filthy Rich" about billionaire Epstein who secretly ran an underage human trafficking prostitution ring for the ultra rich for decades until the "Me Too" movement helped to take him down.

The story was shocking and gave me a lot to think about as far as human nature, evil, abuse, etc.

Please don't answer, "Rape". I asked a question about heartbreak a while back and got a few answers I didn't expect like that. Obviously what Epstein did was prime evil. I'm not asking about that subject. I've been treated poorly by women in my life, and I question if my own actions and desires have ever crossed a line.

There was a quote that really stuck with me in that documentary, and I can't get it out of my head. One of the survivors said, "he did things to me that no man should ever do to a woman". She's not talking about rape, she's talking about abuse.

What I want to know is, what are those things that, when i get another serious relationship or wife, I should never try or ask for, even with consent. It seems to me like this is what the survivor was talking about.

I've had some exes who were into some messed up stuff, and other ones who were willing to, "try" dark fantasies out on eachother. Are there things I should never ask for?
What should no man ever do to a woman?
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Please please please no more talking about rape!!! If I hear anymore talk about the subject I will consider it a personal violation.
What should no man ever do to a woman?
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