Does he have a crush on me?

I have a class with the guy the entire semester, cute guy, but never noticed him. I’m aloof, and don’t pay attention to guys anymore. I got my heart shattered and it took 2 years to recover so I distance myself from guys.

In this class he stares at me a lot. Like I catch him looking in my direction. Fast forward we had to partner up with someone for some health thing I don’t remember. (Like if someone is choking and other stuff like that) I personally preferred a female because it did require you to be touched in places that were awkward. My friend already had a partner, and I was left alone. A girl called more over, and she agreed to be my partners. She paused as her friend who was partnered this guy who stared at me a lot, her friend wanted to apparently talk. It was a bit, until they switched and gave me the guy instead. It was so sudden and after the three of them (the two girls and the guy) talked for a bit they randomly put me with him. They giggled and left. I agreed and tried starting casual conversation. He was quiet, and when it came to the parts he had to wrap his hands around my waist, while having his body pressed up against my backside. We had to hold that for a while. Another one was his arms were placed firmly against my chest region. I was utterly embarrassed and I wasn’t wearing a bra that day. He could probably tell based on where he was feeling. It didn’t help that we had to hold that pose either.

Afterwards he said a couple words and scurried away, looking REALLY uncomfortable. He sat down back in his seat immediately. I would catch him looking at me more after that but I can’t help but feel terrible. It was really awkward for having to be partnered up to do that.
Does he have a crush on me?
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