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Am I a bad person for thinking this?

There's a girl i know who is extremely annoying and hateful. She's the "all democrats are baby murderers" kind of idiot.

(*disclaimer* if your pro life I understand but speaking in extreme dichotomies like that and painting people with a broad brush is just something that pisses me off)

Anyway, I was daydreaming and I started thinking about her. I hate her but she's also kinda hot, and I thought about how good it'd feel to sit on her dumb, homophobic face and make her eat me out. Teach her a lesson and make her like it.

Obviously, its just a fantasy I daydreamed. Im not a rapist and id never do that in real life. I'm surprised how satisfying it was to imagine though. Can anyone relate? Thinking about things you know are wrong but are still fun to imagine?
Am I a bad person for thinking this?
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