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Is this considered consent?

I’ll give you a timeline. Never dated, had sex, or even kissed a guy before. The guy I started dating initiated the kiss, not asking if he could kiss me. When we had sex, he kept moving his hands down and down until I said “nothing past my shorts please” and he said “okay”. We started making out more and more and we both got really horny but to be quite honest I didn’t know what the fuck I wanted especially since the guy was a lot more experienced. He still inched his hands toward my pants and touched my butt. We didn’t have sex that night and he complains of blue balls the entire next day. I felt bad. The next time I saw him I almost felt pressured to have sex or somehow relieve him... I know I sound fucking stupid but hormones make you do stupid things. I wasn’t in the right mindset: we started making out again and the same thing happened. He touched me down there—didn’t ask me—I didn’t consent. He was like “I want to have sex with you so bad right now” and I was like “sure”. I still cringe. I think to myself now: How could I just let someone do that. Why didn’t I speak up! He was like “really? Are you sure” and I just nodded my head. He was really gentle the first time and I guess I am thinking about this now because... it’s almost like he is using me for sex now. He seems like he has lost interest in my personality and wants to just sext and have sex when he is stressed. I don't know.

I guess I have two questions for ya:
1. Is what I described to you considered consent?
2. Do you think that this is normal behavior for a guy? Like I said, he was my first and I almost feel like he kinda took advantage of that especially since he has stopped texting me, initiating any convo, and altogether seems disinterested.
Is this considered consent?
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