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Not sure if I’m too Tight/inexperienced or loose?

Earlier this year I got dumped soon after sex. Still not sure if I did something wrong. Things were going so well before that last session. He struggled to get in that morning so I thought a vibrater would help but as I got it out he got dressed and said I can use it alone then went away and started chatting to other girls online telling them how I’m not really his type. He told me it was because I was too shy and not willing to do everything he wanted like anal.(the guy was a virgin and couldn’t even find the front hole so I said we both ain’t ready for it but he seemed mad at me so I felt like my vagina wasn’t good enough for him. He told someone I was quite loose down there from having afew partners but told somebody else that he prefers a more experienced girl so I want to know which is true. How can my vagina be loose and sore for him at the same time and why would he prefer a more experienced women if even I’m too loose for him?
Not sure if I’m too Tight/inexperienced or loose?
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